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Cut the new weather stripping to length and reinstall it, pinning it with new brads positioned near the old ones.Turning up the thermostat also means turning up our gas bill.Actually rice and buckwheat are BETTER than batting or fabric scraps because the weight anchors them in place.

Our swing bar door guard provides the peace Our swing bar door guard provides the peace of mind that comes with added security.But a couple of toggle clamps mounted at the sides of the door can help hold it firmly against the weather seals at the edges.See examples of the cutest draft snakes around from crafty people.A door draft guard will prevent heat from escaping in the winter and cool air from escaping in the summer.Draft Guards are double sided to provide double air-leak protection and move with the door when.I installed metal draft blockers on the front and back doors of The Condo.

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Stop fireplace drafts instantly with our Magnetic Fireplace Vent Covers and Flue-zee Magnetic Flue Covers.It can also be used to provide additional ventilation without sacrificing.Designed for simple, tool-free insulation for doors and windows, this washable door sweep protects your space from drafts, light, noise and dust.Doors and windows are one of the most common sources of drafts in your home.

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Keep the cold out with one of these 20 DIY draft stoppers that are just as pretty as they are practical.

Twin Draft Guard Energy Saving Stopper To make heating and cooling your rooms more cost and energy effective, this door stopper can fit on any door, inside or outside, of up to 36 inches long.A door draft guard is something that covers the bottom of your doors.

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These functional DIY designs create a warm and comfortable home while accentuating colorful winter decorating ideas.

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But, this one has the added advantage of staying with the door when you open and close it.This simple draft blocker found on Pinterest is easy to make.Put a Simply Genius Draft Blocker at your front and back doors, and it will keep out drafty cold that can raise heating bills to chilling levels.

Purchase a door draft stopper (view example on Amazon)—or make your own.These help to keep drafts, dust, rodents and insect from getting under the door.

Use self-adhesive hook and loop strips to adhere the noodle to the door.A draft blocker can be made out of almost any fabric, which makes it an excellent way to use up scrap material you may have lying around the house.A draft snake is a tube of fabric filled with batting, fabric scraps, or another insulating substance like rice, or buckwheat.When the wind starts to whistle through the windows and the doors, you can stop the draft by stitching together a simple draft dodger like this one.Under the door there are some great options that allow you to still open and close the door without having to readjust the draft stopper.The twin draft guard is basically a door snake like people have been using for years.Old socks can be stuffed with filler, decorated with ornaments, and placed under the door or at the bottom of drafty windows.

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